62 Quicken 2008: The Missing Manual
Adding New
Adding New Categories
The categories Quicken automatically includes in a newly created data file meet
most needs for most people, but chances are you’ll want to make at least a few
changes. As you experience life (buy a home, have kids, pay for college, and so on),
the income and spending you want to track changes. Quicken comes with built-in
categories for the most common sources of income and expenses, which you can
turn on and off as your needs evolve.
But you can also create your own categories from scratch. (You can even recatego-
rize transactions if you decide to revamp the categories you use.) The Category List
window, shown in Figure 4-3, is the best place to make category changes en masse.
To open this window, choose Tools Category List or simply press Ctrl+C. (If
you use the Windows mapping for Ctrl+C, as described on page 365, press
Shift+Ctrl+C.) Alternatively, if you enter a credit card charge and can’t find the
category you want, you can add a new category then and there: In an account reg-
ister, when you click a transaction’s Category box, a mini-version of the Category
List window appears. Click Add Category to open the Set Up Category dialog box,
where you can define a brand-new category (page 64).
Tip: If you’re hooked on using Ctrl+X, Ctrl+C, and Ctrl+V to cut, copy, and paste, respectively—as is the
case in so many Windows programs—don’t be alarmed if Quicken does unexpected things when you try
those keyboard shortcuts. Quicken uses them for its own purposes: Ctrl+X for viewing where transferred
money is heading to or coming from, Ctrl+C for opening the Category List window, and Ctrl+V for voiding
a transaction. Fortunately, you can tell Quicken to interpret those commands the way you’re used to. To
do so, choose Edit
Preferences Quicken Program. In the Quicken Preferences dialog box, click Setup
in the “Select preference type” list. Select the “Windows standard (Und/Cut/Copy/Paste)” option and then
click OK.
Figure 4-3:
The Category List window
is the best place for
serious sessions of
adding, editing, deleting,
and managing the
categories you use.

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