Appendix A. Keyboard Shortcuts

You can do almost anything in Quicken by clicking something—the Tool Bar, a menu bar, a drop-down menu, or an onscreen button. But it takes time to mouse around from click to click, especially if your hand-eye coordination leaves something to be desired. Even if you spend only a few minutes a day with Quicken, keyboard shortcuts are your friends. They take you right where you want to go in a fraction of the time it takes to mouse there. This appendix lists Quicken’s most useful keyboard shortcuts; the ones you should commit to memory are at the beginning of each section.


For a complete list of Quicken’s keyboard shortcuts, search the program’s Help file (press F1 to open Help) for “keys” or “keyboard shortcuts.”

Task Shortcuts

These keyboard shortcuts open the windows and dialog boxes you use to perform common tasks.


Keyboard Shortcut

Open a file.


Back up a file.


Print the current page, transaction, or report.


Open the Quicken Help window to the section that covers the current window or dialog box.


Open the Scheduled Bills & Deposits window.


Open the Account List window.


Open the Category List window.

Ctrl+C if “Quicken standard mapping” is turned on in Preferences; Shift+Ctrl+C if “Windows mapping” is turned on (Keyboard mappings)

Open the Tag List window.


Open the Memorized Payee List window.


Open the Write Checks dialog box to a new check.


Open the Calendar window. ...

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