Appendix B. Glossary of Business, Financial, and Computer Terms

940 Payroll Tax Form:

The annual federal unemployment tax return. A 940EZ version is supposed to be EZ-er to fill out.

941 Payroll Tax Form:

The quarterly federal payroll tax form that tells the IRS what federal employee payroll taxes (Social Security, Medicare, and Federal withholding tax) you've collected and remitted.

942 Payroll Tax Form:

The quarterly payroll tax form that tells the IRS what domestic employee payroll taxes an employer has collected and remitted.


In Quicken, a list of the increases and decreases in an asset's value or in a liability's balance.

account balance:

The value of an asset or the outstanding principal owed for a liability. For example, the value of a checking account is the cash value of the account. The balance of a mortgage liability is the principal you still owe.

account transfer:

An amount you move from one account (such as a checking account) to another (such as a savings account).

account type:

Different Quicken versions, or types, of accounts. There are accounts both for keeping records of the things you own (checking, saving, money market, cash, brokerage, IRA or Keogh, 401(k), dividend reinvestment plan, other investments, house, and vehicle), and for keeping records of the amounts you owe (credit card and liability).

Accounts bar:

The list of accounts and hyperlinks that appears in a vertical list along the left edge of the Quicken program window. If you click an account hyperlink, ...

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