Chapter 15. Mind Your Business

In This Chapter

  • Setting up a business using Quicken

  • Working with your customers

  • Bookkeeping whistles and bells in Quicken Home & Business

  • Doing payroll using Quicken

The preceding chapters of this little book talk about using Quicken for your personal bookkeeping. But you may be interested to know that Quicken also does just a truly excellent job at small business accounting, too.

If you want to use Quicken for small business accounting, you need to do just a couple of things: First, you want to make sure you're working with the Home & Business version or the Quicken Rental Property Manager version of Quicken, because both these flavors of Quicken supply an extra menu of seriously useful business bookkeeping commands. Second, and this is only my humble opinion, you want to skim through this chapter's discussions so you get the business bookkeeping stuff setup right.


If you're not already working with Quicken Home & Business, you can upgrade to Home & Business by choosing the Add Business Tools or Add Rental Property Tools command on the Help menu. If that option isn't available or doesn't make sense, contact Intuit by visiting the Web site.

Setting Up a Business the Quicken Way

To use Quicken for a small business bookkeeping, you need to describe each business you or your spouse operates. For example, if you work as a one-person consultant, and your spouse runs a landscape design business, you need to tell Quicken a little bit about both ...

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