Chapter 16

Managing Rentals

In This Chapter

arrow Describing a rental property

arrow Describing tenants

arrow Recording tenant rent payments

arrow Recording rental expenses

arrow Tracking rental property profits

The Quicken Rental Property Manager version of Quicken — the focus of this short chapter — provides everything available in the other versions of Quicken. The Rental Property Manager version also includes tools for tracking both your rental properties and your rental income and expense.

If you own rental properties — and I say this as a CPA who breaks down and cries several times each year when I see the messy financial records that most real estate investors keep — you definitely want to make the investment and buy Quicken Rental Property Manager. You’ll have a much better handle on your rental property investments, the rental income the properties earn, and the rental deductions the properties produce.

Describing a Rental Property

To track rental properties with Quicken, you need to describe each property. ...

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