4.3. Reasoning (Inference) Networks (1)

A great number of reasoning processes can be represented by a graph search.
First, let see an example.

Example 4.1

The jealous husbands problem is one of the well-known river-crossing puzzles. Three married couples denoted by {A a, B b, C c} must cross a river using a boat which can hold at most two people and subject to the constraints: (1) no woman can be in the presence of another man unless her husband is also present, (2) only three men {A,B,C} and one woman {a} master rowing technology. Under the constraints, we have two heuristic rules: (1) there cannot be both women and men present on a bank with women outnumbering men, since if there were, some woman would be husbandless, (2) only the following ways ...

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