Histograms in the margins of line and scatter plots

In this recipe, we will learn how to draw histograms in the top and right margins of a bivariate scatter plot.

Getting ready

We will use the airpollution.csv example dataset for this recipe. So, let's make sure it is loaded:


How to do it...

Let's make a scatter plot showing the relationship between concentrations of respirable particles and nitrogen oxides with histograms of both the variables in the margins:

#Set up the layout first layout(matrix(c(2,0,1,3),2,2,byrow=TRUE), widths=c(3,1), heights=c(1,3), TRUE) #Make Scatterplot par(mar=c(5.1,4.1,0.1,0)) plot(air$Respirable.Particles~air$Nitrogen.Oxides, pch=19,col="black", xlim=c(0,600),ylim=c(0,80), xlab="Nitrogen ...

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