Installing R and RStudio

Before you use R, of course, you first have to install R. Although you can use the built-in code editor, you may want to install an editor with more functionality as well. Because RStudio runs on all platforms and is integrated nicely with R, we also discuss the installation of RStudio on your system.

tip.eps In this appendix, we don’t have enough space to provide installation instructions for every possible operating system. You can find that information on the R and RStudio websites:

check.png R:

check.png RStudio:

tip.eps If you use Linux, depending on the distribution you use, you may find that R comes with the operating system and doesn’t require a separate installation.

Installing and Configuring R

Installing R isn’t difficult, but tweaking it to fit your own needs requires a bit of explanation.

remember.eps We can’t cover all possibilities here, so be sure to read the information on the R website for more insight on how to install and configure the software. ...

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