This package contains the basic functions that let R function as a language: arithmetic, input/output, basic programming support, and so on. Its contents are available through inheritance from any environment.


!Not operator.
!=Not equal operator.
$, $<-Select or set named element from a list.
%%Modulo operator.
%*%Binary operator to multiply two matrices, if they are conformable.
%/%Integer division operator.
%in%Binary operator that returns a logical vector indicating if there is a match or not for its left operand.
%o%Operator to calculate the outer product of two arrays.
%x%Operator to calculate the Kronecker product of two arrays.
&Operator that performs elementwise logical AND.
&&Operator that performs logical AND, evaluating expressions from left to right until the result is determined.
*Multiplication operator.
+Addition operator.
-Unary negation or binary subtraction operator.
/Binary division operator.
:Generates regular sequences.
::Accesses an exported variable in a namespace.
:::Accesses an internal variable in a namespace.
<Less-than operator.
>Greater-than operator.
>=Greater-than-or-equal-to operator.
<=Less-than-or-equal-to operator.
==Equality operator.
@Extracts the contents of an slot in an object with a formal (S4) class structure.
ArgReturns argument of a complex value.
ConjReturns conjugate of a complex value.
Cstack_infoReports information on the C stack size and usage (if available).
Encoding, Encoding<-Read or set the declared encodings for a character ...

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