This package contains functions for base graphics. Base graphics are traditional S graphics, as opposed to the newer grid graphics.


AxisGeneric function to add a suitable axis to the current plot.
ablineAdds one or more straight lines through the current plot.
arrowsDraws arrows between pairs of points.
assocplotProduces a Cohen-Friendly association plot indicating deviations from independence of rows and columns in a two-dimensional contingency table.
axTicksComputes pretty tick mark locations, the same way as R does internally. This is only nontrivial when log coordinates are active. By default, gives the at values that axis(side) would use.
axisAdds an axis to the current plot, allowing the specification of the side, position, labels, and other options.
barplotCreates a bar plot with vertical or horizontal bars.
boxDraws a box around the current plot in a given color and line type. The bty parameter determines the type of box drawn. See par for details.
boxplotProduces box-and-whisker plot(s) of the given (grouped) values.
boxplot.matrixInterprets the columns (or rows) of a matrix as different groups and draws a box plot for each.
bxpDraws box plots based on the given summaries in z. It is usually called from within boxplot, but can be invoked directly.
cdplotComputes and plots conditional densities describing how the conditional distribution of a categorical variable y changes over a numeric variable x.
clipSets clipping region in user coordinates.
close.screen ...

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