This is the main package of Venables and Ripley’s MASS.


NullGiven a matrix M, finds a matrix N giving a basis for the null space. That is, t(N) \%*\% M is the 0, and N has the maximum number of linearly independent columns.
ShepardOne form of nonmetric multidimensional scaling.
addtermTries fitting all models that differ from the current model by adding a single term from those supplied, maintaining marginality.
areaIntegrates a function of one variable over a finite range using a recursive adaptive method. This function is mainly for demonstration purposes.
as.fractionsFinds rational approximations to the components of a real numeric object using a standard continued fraction method.
bandwidth.nrdA well-supported rule of thumb for choosing the bandwidth of a Gaussian kernel density estimator.
bcvUses biased cross-validation to select the bandwidth of a Gaussian kernel density estimator.
boxcoxComputes and optionally plots profile log-likelihoods for the parameter of the Box-Cox power transformation.
con2trConverts lists to data frames for use by lattice.
contr.sdifA coding for unordered factors based on successive differences.
correspFinds the principal canonical correlation and corresponding row and column scores from a correspondence analysis of a two-way contingency table., cov.mve, cov.robCompute a multivariate location and scale estimate with a high breakdown point. This can be thought of as estimating the mean and covariance of the good part of ...

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