This package contains formally defined methods and classes for R objects, plus other programming tools.


@<-Gets or sets information about the individual slots in an object.
MethodAddCoercePossibly modifies one or more methods to explicitly coerce this argument to methodClass, the class for which the method is explicitly defined.
QuoteThese are utilities, currently in the methods package, that either provide some functionality needed by the package (e.g., element matching by name) or add compatibility with S-PLUS, or both.
S3Class, S3Class<-S3Class extracts or replaces the S3-style class from an S4 class that was created from an S3 class through setOldClass.
S3Part, S3Part<-The function S3Part extracts or replaces the S3 part of such an object.
addNextMethodGeneric function that finds the next method for the signature of the method definition method and caches that method in the method definition.
allNamesReturns the character vector of names (unlike names(), never returns NULL) for a method.
as, as<-Manage the relations that allow coercing an object to a given class.
asMethodDefinitionTurns a function definition into an object of class MethodDefinition, corresponding to the given signature (by default, generates a default method with empty signature).
assignClassDefAssigns the definition of the class to the specially named object.
assignMethodsMetaDataUtility to assign the metadata object recording the methods defined in a particular package.
balanceMethodsList ...

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