R Projects For Dummies

Book description

Make the most of R’s extensive toolset

R Projects For Dummies offers a unique learn-by-doing approach. You will increase the depth and breadth of your R skillset by completing a wide variety of projects. By using R’s graphics, interactive, and machine learning tools, you’ll learn to apply R’s extensive capabilities in an array of scenarios. The depth of the project experience is unmatched by any other content online or in print. And you just might increase your statistics knowledge along the way, too!

R is a free tool, and it’s the basis of a huge amount of work in data science. It's taking the place of costly statistical software that sometimes takes a long time to learn. One reason is that you can use just a few R commands to create sophisticated analyses. Another is that easy-to-learn R graphics enable you make the results of those analyses available to a wide audience.

This book will help you sharpen your skills by applying them in the context of projects with R, including dashboards, image processing, data reduction, mapping, and more.

  • Appropriate for R users at all levels
  • Helps R programmers plan and complete their own projects
  • Focuses on R functions and packages
  • Shows how to carry out complex analyses by just entering a few commands

If you’re brand new to R or just want to brush up on your skills, R Projects For Dummies will help you complete your projects with ease.

Table of contents

    1. Cover
    2. Introduction
      1. About This Book
      2. What You Can Safely Skip
      3. Foolish Assumptions
      4. Icons Used in This Book
      5. Beyond the Book
      6. Where to Go from Here
    3. Part 1: The Tools of the Trade
      1. Chapter 1: R: What It Does and How It Does It
        1. Getting R
        2. Getting RStudio
        3. A Session with R
        4. R Functions
        5. User-Defined Functions
        7. R Structures
        8. Of for Loops and if Statements
      2. Chapter 2: Working with Packages
        1. Installing Packages
        2. Examining Data
        3. R Formulas
        4. More Packages
        5. Exploring the tidyverse
      3. Chapter 3: Getting Graphic
        1. Touching Base
        2. Graduating to ggplot2
    4. Part 2: Interacting with a User
      1. Chapter 4: Working with a Browser
        1. Getting Your Shine On
        2. Creating Your First shiny Project
        3. Working with ggplot
        4. Another shiny Project
        5. Suggested Project
      2. Chapter 5: Dashboards — How Dashing!
        1. The shinydashboard Package
        2. Exploring Dashboard Layouts
        3. Working with the Sidebar
        4. Interacting with Graphics
    5. Part 3: Machine Learning
      1. Chapter 6: Tools and Data for Machine Learning Projects
        1. The UCI (University of California-Irvine) ML Repository
        2. Introducing the Rattle package
        3. Using Rattle with iris
      2. Chapter 7: Decisions, Decisions, Decisions
        1. Decision Tree Components
        2. Decision Trees in R
        3. Decision Trees in Rattle
        4. Project: A More Complex Decision Tree
        5. Suggested Project: Titanic
      3. Chapter 8: Into the Forest, Randomly
        1. Growing a Random Forest
        2. Random Forests in R
        3. Project: Identifying Glass
        4. Suggested Project: Identifying Mushrooms
      4. Chapter 9: Support Your Local Vector
        1. Some Data to Work With
        2. Separability: It's Usually Nonlinear
        3. Support Vector Machines in R
        4. Project: House Parties
        5. Suggested Project: Titanic Again
      5. Chapter 10: K-Means Clustering
        1. How It Works
        2. K-Means Clustering in R
        3. Project: Glass Clusters
        4. Suggested Project: A Few Quick Ones
      6. Chapter 11: Neural Networks
        1. Networks in the Nervous System
        2. Artificial Neural Networks
        3. Neural Networks in R
        4. Project: Banknotes
        5. Suggested Projects: Rattling Around
    6. Part 4: Large(ish) Data Sets
      1. Chapter 12: Exploring Marketing
        1. Project: Analyzing Retail Data
        2. Enter Machine Learning
        3. Suggested Project: Another Data Set
      2. Chapter 13: From the City That Never Sleeps
        1. Examining the Data Set
        2. Warming Up
        3. Project: Departure Delays
        4. Suggested Project: Delay and Weather
    7. Part 5: Maps and Images
      1. Chapter 14: All Over the Map
        1. Project: The Airports of Wisconsin
        2. Suggested Project 1: Map Your State
        3. Suggested Project 2: Map the Country
      2. Chapter 15: Fun with Pictures
        1. Polishing a Picture: It's magick!
        2. Project: Two Legends in Search of a Legend
        3. Suggested Project: Combine an Animation with a Plot
    8. Part 6: The Part of Tens
      1. Chapter 16: More Than Ten Packages for Your R Projects
        1. Machine Learning
        2. Databases
        3. Maps
        4. Image Processing
        5. Text Analysis
      2. Chapter 17: More than Ten Useful Resources
        1. Interacting with Users
        2. Machine Learning
        3. Databases
        4. Maps and Images
    9. About the Author
    10. Connect with Dummies
    11. End User License Agreement

Product information

  • Title: R Projects For Dummies
  • Author(s): Joseph Schmuller
  • Release date: February 2018
  • Publisher(s): For Dummies
  • ISBN: 9781119446187