Chapter 13

From the City That Never Sleeps


check Working with the flights data frame

check Using tidyverse functions

check Joining data frames

check Exploring flight delays

An airline flight generates a lot of data. The data includes identification of the plane (airline, tail number), identification of the flight (flight number, date, time, origin, destination), characteristics of the flight (distance, time in the air, departure delay, arrival delay), and more. For a budding data analyst, a data set of airline flights presents a treasure trove of opportunities. And that's what I show you how to work with in this chapter.

Examining the Data Set

The data set is called flights, and it lives in a package called nycflights13. It has the data on all domestic flights out of New York City in 2013. On the Packages tab, click Install to open the Install Packages dialog box. In the dialog box, type nycflights13 and click the Install button. After the package downloads, select its check box on the Packages tab. Additional data sets are in this package, and I show you how to work with them, too.

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