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Margot TollefsonR Quick Syntax Referencehttps://doi.org/10.1007/978-1-4842-4405-0_2

2. The R Prompt and the R Studio Windows

Margot Tollefson1 
Stratford, IA, USA

This chapter covers the R prompt and the R Studio windows. It starts with descriptions of the three parts of R: objects, operators, and assignments. It continues with a discussion of working with the R prompt, followed by an example of doing a calculation at the R prompt. Afterward, it describes the four R Studio windows.

In Windows and macOS, R runs in GUIs: RGUI in Windows and R.app GUI in macOS. Both RGUI and R.app GUI open an R Console and run from the R prompt in the R Console. GUIs are available in Linux, but this book only covers running R from the terminal ...

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