Radar Talks: Justin Norman on Building ML/AI Products

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The increasing push to develop products that feature integrated AI systems brings the intersection of AI and product management into sharp focus. Embedding ML/AI into digital products presents many challenges to traditional product management approaches, including nondeterministic outcomes and the potential for bias against underrepresented groups. These issues are often addressable, but they’re real and cause many projects to fail before they're deployed or can realize value.

Join us for this edition of the O’Reilly Radar Talks series with Yelp head of data science Justin Norman to learn how to be a product manager for products using artificial intelligence or machine learning. You’ll explore ML/AI product management from the perspectives of ML practitioners, data scientists, product managers, and consumers as Justin walks you through how AI products are different from “traditional” software products and how product managers must rethink and adapt as a result. You’ll leave better prepared to anticipate and solve the problems you may face as you develop an AI project and shepherd it into production.

The O’Reilly Radar Talks series brings you expert opinions on emerging topics through hour-long interactive events. In conversation with some of the industry’s top minds, you’ll look at the early signals indicating significant trends and new technologies that will shape the future—and discover how to begin forging these technologies now. Share your own predictions and ask your questions while gaining insight into our experts’ unique outlooks for the future.

What you’ll learn and how you can apply it
  • Explore the kinds of data you need for different kinds of products and discover how to acquire that data
  • Learn how to manage the AI product pipeline and bring an AI product to market
  • Understand how to manage an AI product after it’s been deployed
This Radar Talk is for you because…
  • You want to learn how the special requirements of AI are transforming the job of product manager.
  • You’re a product manager and want to work with AI products.
  • You want to better understand the AI product lifecycle.

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  1. Radar Talks: Justin Norman on Building ML/AI Products

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  • Title: Radar Talks: Justin Norman on Building ML/AI Products
  • Author(s): Justin Norman
  • Release date: December 2021
  • Publisher(s): O'Reilly Media, Inc.
  • ISBN: 0636920672388