Chapter 5

Silicon Photomultipliers in Detectors for Nuclear Medicine

Martyna Grodzicka, Marek Moszyński, and Tomasz Szczęśniak

5.1 Introduction

Scintillation detectors are one of the most commonly used types of radiation detectors in nuclear medicine. These detectors consist of a photodetector and a dense crystalline scintillation material that absorbs gamma quanta and emits light as a result. The scintillation light is emitted isotropically in short pulses, lasting typically a couple of hundred nanoseconds (Nassalski et al. 2007, Lewellen 2008). In positron emission tomography (PET) scanners, the typical number of light photons emitted from a single 511 keV gamma scintillation is up to 20,000 photons, depending on the scintillator used (Conti ...

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