Radical Outcomes

Book description

Create simple, engaging, and effective outputs that actually get results

Billions of corporate dollars are spent every year on initiatives to help people succeed in their job, but much of it goes to waste. Across industries, people are scrambling to find what they need to grow and improve at work, and executives are left wondering why these initiatives aren’t effective. Author Juliana Stancampiano has plumbed the depths of this massive disconnect with her team. With this book, she bridges the gap.

Radical Outcomes is a blueprint for a new way of working. Instead of taking old methods and retrofitting them for new technology, Stancampiano unveils a collaborative, fast, and effective way of working that avoids randomness and organizational drag. The book offers a new way of working—the future of the way people and teams will work together. 

  • Find out how to get tangible results through a structured process
  • Cut through noise and information overload to give people what they really need
  • Design the right output for the right outcome
  • Improve and succeed no matter where you are in the organization

Find out how to create radical outcomes through high performing teams—and get started today.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. 1 The Why
    1. The World Has Changed, and So Must We
    2. What Does Insanity Feel Like?
    3. There's Only So Much That People Can Learn at One Time
    4. How Do People Learn New Things?
    5. Relying on Magic Is Costing Crazy Amounts of Money
    6. How to Stop Wasting Your Company's Money
    7. A Glossary of Terms for Radical Outcomes
    8. Notes
  3. 2 The Process – Don't Leave Home without It
    1. To Conquer Random Acts…
    2. The Process behind Radical Outcomes
    3. Your Audience Might Not Notice – But They Might Feel Different
    4. Going Slow to Move Fast
    5. What's Agility Got to Do with It?
    6. Notes
  4. 3 Create Your Ensemble
    1. Ensembles Make Sense at Work
    2. Ensembles Don't Just Work Together – They Create
    3. An Ensemble Is Collaborative, Not Competitive
    4. What Makes a Collaborative Ensemble?
    5. Notes
  5. 4 Let Go of What You Know
    1. Our Brains Want to Make It Easy
    2. Change Is Preceded by Letting Go
    3. The Journey Begins
    4. The Old Way and Why It Doesn't Work
    5. Good News – There's a New Way
    6. Notes
    1. 5 It's Business Outcome Time
      1. Customers, Strategy, and Execution
      2. Random Acts Happen because Change Is Happening
      3. The Outcome Is the Thing
      4. What's an Outcome, and What's an Output?
      5. Not Just Any Outcome: Radical Outcomes
      6. Radical Outcomes Are Tied to Complex, High‐Stakes Initiatives That Yield Tangible Results
      7. If the Outcome Isn't Clear, Ask
      8. Notes
    2. 6 Putting Divisions Out of Business
      1. Divisions Are Embedded in Business
      2. Stakeholders Are People
      3. Different Stakeholders, Different Conversations
      4. One Simple Idea: We Are All Human
      5. Note
    1. 7 The Experience Is Human
      1. We Can All Relate to Good Experiences – And Bad
      2. Customer Experience Is a Thing
      3. Why Aren't People Able to Learn at Work?
      4. Human Objectives Create a Human Experience
      5. Notes
    1. 8 Why We Can't Live without Architecture
      1. Architecture Ain't Your Enemy – It's Your Friend
      2. We Can Choose to Use Architecture – Or Just Do the Same Old Thing
      3. The Architecture of Radical Outcomes
      4. Architecture Is Indispensable to the New Way of Working
      5. Notes
    2. 9 Getting the Right Stuff
      1. When Big Ideas Are Locked in Idea Jail
      2. The SME's Dilemma
      3. Freeing Content from Idea Jail
      4. Facilitating the Process
    1. 10 Not Your Average Design
      1. Making Information Easy to Consume
      2. Experience Design Brings Together Different Components
      3. Establishing Design Principles Helps a Team Decide What's Good Enough
      4. Notes
  10. BUILD
    1. 11 Knowing What Is Good Enough
      1. What Fuels Our Need to Have All the Answers?
      2. Good Enough for Right Now Is All You Need – Right Now
      3. GEFRN Happens Throughout the Work
      4. When Is Something GEFRN?
      5. Notes
    2. 12 Progress Is All That Matters
      1. Step into the (Temporarily) Uncomfortable
      2. Showing Iterative Progress Can Be Messy
      3. Tips for Showing Progress
      4. When Are You Done?
      5. Notes
    1. 13 Activate Radical Outcomes
      1. Keep the Momentum
      2. Note
  12. Acknowledgments
  13. About the Author
  14. Index
  15. End User License Agreement

Product information

  • Title: Radical Outcomes
  • Author(s): Juliana Stancampiano
  • Release date: January 2019
  • Publisher(s): Wiley
  • ISBN: 9781119524250