First of all, thank you for buying this book. It was a very good decision. You will not be disappointed. As the name implies, the book will first provide a fundamental understanding of the topic for those who are new to it. The book then develops knowledge in advanced topics. The book is written for general communication systems engineers, who may not have detailed knowledge of photonic systems. It covers some design issues from an engineer's point of view. It also includes ongoing research and recent developments in multiple frontiers of Fi-Wi networks that will be useful for researchers and graduate students.

This book is the culmination of many years of my work in this area. Using photonic technologies for wireless communications first fascinated me during my Master's studies. I used to dream of combining the benefits of these two systems. My original idea was to stream the light wave directly from fiber (my Master's thesis was on optical-wireless communications). However, I soon realized the practical limitations of light wave propagation in air and started to research RF over fiber—a slightly more practical method but still with many hurdles.

Today, after having been involved in this area for many years, it is very satisfying to complete this book. The book has a unique flavor. Although it is about radio over fiber and fiber-wireless systems, it is not heavily weighted on the area of microwave photonics. It is intended for typical communication system professionals, ...

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