A Test with a View

Meanwhile, we still have this end-to-end test to wrap up. Let’s look at that test again:

require ​"rails_helper"
describe ​"adding projects"​ ​do
it ​"allows a user to create a project with tasks"​ ​do
visit new_project_path
fill_in ​"Name"​, with: ​"Project Runway"
fill_in ​"Tasks"​, with: ​"Task 1:3\nTask 2:5"
click_on(​"Create Project"​)
visit projects_path
expect(page).to have_content(​"Project Runway"​)
expect(page).to have_content(​"8"​)

So far we’ve gotten this test to pass up to the visit projects_path line. This line triggers a visit to the path /projects, which is routed to the index method of the ProjectController ...

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