Using the Time Data

With the task tests passing, it’s time to switch your attention back to the Project test. You need to make a slight tweak to your project_spec setup so that you have tasks that are in and out of the three-week velocity window:

 let(​:project​) { }
 let(​:newly_done​) {​size: ​3, ​completed_at: ​ }
 let(​:old_done​) {​size: ​2, ​completed_at: ​6.months.ago) }
 let(​:small_not_done​) {​size: ​1) }
 let(​:large_not_done​) {​size: ​4) }
 before(​:example​) ​do
  project.tasks = [newly_done, old_done, small_not_done, large_not_done]

Here you added one more completed task, and you’re using the ability to pass a completed ...

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