RailsSpace Ruby on Rails Tutorial

Video description

5+ Hours of Video Instruction

Ruby on Rails has emerged as today’s most powerful, useful Web development framework. RailsSpace Ruby on Rails Tutorialmakes real-world Rails development easier than ever before.

In fifteen targeted video sessions, Rails expert Aurelius Prochazka walks you through every step of building RailsSpace, a full-fledged social networking site. You’ll learn at your own pace, as you move from a static page to a robust, highly dynamic site.

You’ll walk step-by-step through implementing user registration, authentication, profiles, image uploads, blogs, searches, and more. Along the way, you’ll master all the Rails techniques you’ll need...from Model-View-Controller architecture to automated testing, refactoring to REST.

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  • In 5+ hours of hands-on video training, Internet pioneer and best-selling author Aurelius Prochazka introduces developers to real-world Web application development using Ruby on Rails. To get started, click Play on the video instruction to meet your trainer and hear more about the valuable Web development skills you will acquire.

    Aurelius Prochazka, a pioneer in building interactive, user-driven websites, cofounded Creative Internet Design, Inc. and ArsDigita Corporation. Aurelius coauthored RailsSpace: Building a Social Networking Website with Ruby on Rails. He is the principal developer of Caltech’s main site (caltech.edu), as well as its Admissions and Alumni sites. Aurelius holds a Ph.D. in Computational Fluid Dynamics from Caltech and is now Principal Scientist at CoolEarth, a solar energy startup.

    For every experienced Web developer who wants to master Ruby on Rails and create dynamic, large-scale websites.

    System Requirements

  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 2000, XP, Vista, or Mac OS/X

  • MULTIMEDIA: DVD drive, 1024 x 768 or higher display, and sound card with speakers

  • COMPUTER: 1GHz or higher, 128MB RAM or more

  • www.mylivelessons.com


    LESSON 1: Introduction    (video only)

    LESSON 2: Getting Started     1

    LESSON 3: Modeling Users      7

    LESSON 4: Registering Users      11

    LESSON 5: Getting Started with Testing 15

    LESSON 6: Logging In and Out    19

    LESSON 7: Advanced Login    23

    LESSON 8: Updating User Information 33

    LESSON 9: Personal Profiles     39

    LESSON 10: Community      41

    LESSON 11: Searching and Browsing     45

    LESSON 12: Avatars      49

    LESSON 13: Email     51

    LESSON 14: Friendships     53

    LESSON 15: RESTful Blogs     55

    LESSON 16: Blog Comments with Ajax 57

    Product information

    • Title: RailsSpace Ruby on Rails Tutorial
    • Author(s):
    • Release date: December 2007
    • Publisher(s): Pearson
    • ISBN: 9780321533890