Appendix and Online Resources

Chapter 2 The Most Important Conversation You’ll Ever Have

Regardless of what your answers are, the first thing you have to know is, “Am I willing to look?” Assuming the answer is yes, and you’d like to explore further, visit for more insight.

Chapter 3 Goal and Action Planning: Making the Most of RAIN

Visit for a list of 39 planning questions, and tools to help you plan your specific sales activities.

Getting Specific with Sales Planning

Sales is an ongoing process, so it is easy to get discouraged if the only measurement of success along the way is when you win a new deal or achieve your annual target. In a complex products and service sales cycle, these successes can seem to take forever.

The success you measure on your journey can and should include interim milestones, such as number of new conversations generated, number of qualified prospects added to the mix, and number of referral introductions.

As you think about acquiring new business, you’ll want to keep tabs on at least the following metrics:

  • New conversations generated.
  • Qualified opportunities.
  • Customers won.
  • Average revenue per engagement.
  • Revenue generated.

Depending on your sales process there could be even more, such as:

  • Profit margins per deal and overall.
  • Target account status.
  • New appointments set.
  • Relationship status and activities.
  • Length of sales cycle.
  • Number of meetings required to close.
  • Cost per sales ...

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