Chapter 8

New Reality

I can’t describe it, but . . .

. . . I know it when I see it.

—Potter Stewart, Associate Justice, United States Supreme Court

In his ruling in Jacobellis v. Ohio, Justice Stewart probably sounded like many of the clients with whom you work. Until they experience it, clients often have a difficult time knowing exactly what they are buying and what value they will receive.

One of the most important skills in selling is helping potential clients understand the outcomes they get when they buy. Whatever your offering may be, it will somehow change your clients’ world. In other words, you will create a new reality for them.

Establish the New Reality Benchmark

At the end of a well-managed sales process, your job is to create a new reality that is best for your customers, taking into account their specific aspirations and afflictions and the impact of doing something about them.

The new reality process should start before you craft the solution. Ask potential customers what they want the world to look like after they work with you. A good way to get the creative juices flowing is to ask broad questions that encourage envisioning the future.

According to CSO, a salesperson’s ability to align his solution with the buyer’s needs will significantly increase his ability to get closer to commitment from the buyer.1

  • In six months, when the products are fully installed, what would need to happen for you to consider it a success?
  • What isn’t your current provider delivering ...

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