Chapter 14

Handling Objections

I do not like green eggs and ham. I do not like them Sam I Am.

—Dr. Seuss

Unless you are fortunate enough to find prospects who completely understand their own needs, recognize the value you provide, agree with the impact of moving ahead, have supportive buy cycles, and prefer you above all others, you will at some point in your rainmaking conversations run into serious objections. Such as:

  • “Well, I like what you said, but I don’t think it will work here.”
  • “We are working with someone right now to handle all our needs in that area.”
  • “Sounds good, but I have a pretty full plate for the foreseeable future.”
  • “How much? We’re talking about buying your software package, not your entire company.”
  • “I have been talking to some other providers and their numbers are much lower.”
  • “I prefer to work with someone with more direct experience in our industry.”
  • “I have always worked with someone local. You guys are 500 miles away.”

When faced with comments like these, all too many salespeople get flustered, make mistakes, and, in the process, push the buyer and the sale further away.

Worse, salespeople sometimes ignore objections because they have “happy ears.” They don’t want to hear objections so they block them out, but the objection remains while the sale disappears.

Some sales experts suggest that you deflect, sidestep, rebut, or try to avoid objections altogether. Readymade, canned responses for objections of all types are everywhere:

“I know you like the ...

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