13.2. Listboxes

The <listbox> tag is similar in construction to the <grid> tag, but in appearance and behavior it is more like the <menulist> tag. A listbox is a vertically arranged set of records or rows, where each record has one or more subparts.

HTML's <SELECT rows= > tag has a similar implementation to <listbox>. That HTML tag produces an inline menu rather than a popup one. The <SELECT> tag is both robust and standard, but the <listbox> tag is not yet either. In Mozilla versions up to 1.4 at least, <listbox> is somewhat fragile, so tread carefully when using it. Despite that weakness, it is a powerful tool when used properly.

13.2.1. Visual Appearance

To see a <listbox> at work, open the Mozilla Preferences dialog box (Edit | Preferences ...

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