Creating a High-Performance Team

Productive teams are sometimes characterized as teams that have jelled or as teams that are highly cohesive. What characteristics does a high-performance, jelled, cohesive team have? The team has:

  • A shared, elevating vision or goal

  • A sense of team identity

  • A results-driven structure

  • Competent team members

  • A commitment to the team

  • Mutual trust

  • Interdependence among team members

  • Effective communication

  • A sense of autonomy

  • A sense of empowerment

  • Small team size

  • A high level of enjoyment

In 1989, Larson and LaFasto published a study that found unusual consistency among the attributes of highly effective teams. This was true for teams as diverse as the McDonald's Chicken McNugget team, the space-shuttle Challenger investigation ...

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