Action Verb: A word that conveys action/behaviors and reflects the type of performance that is to occur. Action verbs reflect behaviors that are measurable and observable.

Active Performance Support System: An electronic performance support system that actually monitors the employees’ work and stops them to lend advice and support when necessary. There are few of these in existence.

Advance Organizer: A brief introduction to a training aspect that outlines its structure and defines how the content builds on existing knowledge.

Alpha Test: The first evaluation of a technology-based program, used to test the user interface and to determine overall usability.

Analog Audio and Video: Audio or video information normally stored in a tape format; it is differentiated from digital audio and video, which usually use some type of computer format as the storage medium. Digital video and audio are needed for e-learning and CD-ROM training deliveries.

Animation: A sequence of graphics presented in succession, animation is widely used to simulate motion in computer-based or e-learning deliveries.

Aspect Ratio: The relationship of height to width of an image size (i.e., 4:3 is a standard aspect ratio for NTSC television).

ASTD: Training professionals organization encompassing all aspects of the profession.

Asynchronous: Usually in reference to e-learning, asynchronous refers to non-instructor-led training using a computer-network-based delivery system in which the trainees are not online ...

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