Appendix A. Parts and Suppliers


The following tables will help you to find the parts used in this book. Where possible, I have listed product codes for a few suppliers.

There are now many electronic component suppliers that cater to the maker and electronics hobbyist. Some of the most popular are listed in Table A-1.

Table A-1. Parts suppliers
Supplier Website Notes


Good for modules


Wide range of components


Wide range of components

Seeed Studio

Interesting low-cost modules


Good for modules

MonkMakes Electronics kits for Raspberry Pis, etc.

UK-based retailer and manufacturer of interesting HATs
Pololu Great for motor controllers and robots


UK based; wide range of components


International; wide range of components

Cool Components

Wide range of accessories for Raspberry Pi

The other great source of components is eBay.

Searching for components can be time consuming and difficult. The Octopart component search engine can be very helpful in tracking down parts. MonkMakes, Adafruit, and SparkFun all have packs of components to get you started.

Prototyping Equipment and Kits

Many ...

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