Chapter 6

Being Productive with the Raspberry Pi

In This Chapter

arrow Installing LibreOffice on your Raspberry Pi

arrow Writing letters in LibreOffice Writer

arrow Managing your budget in LibreOffice Calc

arrow Creating presentations in LibreOffice Impress

arrow Creating a party invitation with LibreOffice Draw

There comes a time in everyone’s life when she has to get down to work, and when you do, the Raspberry Pi can help. Whether you need to do your homework or work from home, you can use LibreOffice, a fully featured office suite compatible with the Raspberry Pi.

If you haven’t heard of LibreOffice, you might have heard of its more famous ancestor, OpenOffice. A team of developers took OpenOffice as a starting point and developed LibreOffice using its source code.

There are a lot of similarities between LibreOffice and Microsoft Office for Windows, so LibreOffice will probably feel familiar to you. You can copy files between the two programs too, although you might lose some of the layout features when you ...

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