Chapter 20

Ten Inspiring Projects for the Raspberry Pi

In This Chapter

arrow Finding the inspiration to get started

arrow Understanding what the Pi can do

arrow Discovering sources of more project information

If you’ve read the rest of the book and worked through the projects, you now know how to program and how to create your own electronics projects with the Raspberry Pi. What you learn next, and what you create with that knowledge, is up to you.

It’s amazing to see what people of all ages are doing with their Raspberry Pis. In this chapter, we’ve collected some of the most interesting and inspiring projects we’ve come across. Each one has a link so you can find out more and perhaps follow instructions to replicate the project, or get some advice for similar projects of your own.

One-Button Audiobook Player

Michael Clemens has used the Raspberry Pi to create an audiobook player for his wife’s grandmother, who is visually impaired and finds digital audio players difficult to use.

This project requires some electronics work, adding transistors, an LED, a pair of speakers, and a large button into a plastic case and linking the button and LED to the Raspberry Pi’s GPIO pins.

A Python script enables ...

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