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M. Frauenfelder, R. BatesRaspberry Pi Retro Gaminghttps://doi.org/10.1007/978-1-4842-5153-9_4

4. Enclosure for Your Raspberry Pi

Mark Frauenfelder1  and Ryan Bates2
Studio City, CA, USA
Pittsburgh, PA, USA

First thing on your wish list after setting up the Raspberry Pi (RPi) is an enclosure. Something to protect it from the elements and christen it with the proper respect of a “game console.” In this chapter, I’ll start with some of the most bare-bone, no-frills enclosures. Fortunately, most of these are readily available shells and cases you can purchase from vendors on amazon.com, Adafruit.com, eBay.com, and (to circumvent reseller markups) alibaba.com or aliexpress.com. I have to warn you, there are ...

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