How to do it...

I removed some components from the last recipe, and I just focused on the Phrases application. Let's create it by following these steps:

  1. Copy your project configuration and replace it in the file:
  export const fbConfig = {    ref: 'phrases',    app: {      apiKey: 'AIzaSyASppMJh_6QIGTeXVBeYszzz7iTNTADxRU',      authDomain: '',      databaseURL: '',      projectId: 'codejobs-2240b',      storageBucket: '',      messagingSenderId: '278058258089'    }  };
File: src/config/firebase.js
  1. After this, we need to create a file to manage our Firebase database, and we will export our ref (our phrases table):
  import firebase from 'firebase';  import { fbConfig } from '../../config/firebase'; ...

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