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Akshat Paul and Abhishek NalwayaReact Native for Mobile Developmenthttps://doi.org/10.1007/978-1-4842-4454-8_9

9. Getting Ready for the World

Akshat Paul1  and Abhishek Nalwaya2
Gurgaon, Haryana, India
Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

The last 10 percent to launch something takes as much energy as the first 90 percent.

—Rob Kalin

That’s a strong quote, but it usually proves quite right. However, when it comes to launching our application with React Native, it is a piece of cake. This chapter covers how you can create a build to distribute your React Native application for both iOS and Android. We also introduce some third-party platforms that are available to make distribution totally stress free. Here are the ...

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