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Reactive Application Development

Book Description


Reactive Application Development is a hands-on guide that teaches you how to build reliable enterprise applications using reactive design patterns.

About the Technology

Mission-critical applications have to respond instantly to changes in load, recover gracefully from failure, and satisfy exacting requirements for performance, cost, and reliability. That�s no small task! Reactive designs make it easier to meet these demands through modular, message-driven architecture, innovative tooling, and cloud-based infrastructure.

About the Book

Reactive Application Development teaches you how to build reliable enterprise applications using reactive design patterns. This hands-on guide begins by exposing you to the reactive mental model, along with a survey of core technologies like the Akka actors framework. Then, you�ll build a proof-of-concept system in Scala, and learn to use patterns like CQRS and Event Sourcing. You�ll master the principles of reactive design as you implement elasticity and resilience, integrate with traditional architectures, and learn powerful testing techniques.

What�s inside

  • Designing elastic domain models

  • Building fault-tolerant systems

  • Efficiently handling large data volumes

  • Examples can be built in Scala or Java

  • About the Reader

    Written for Java or Scala programmers familiar with distributed application designs.

    About the Authors

    Duncan DeVore, Sean Walsh, and Brian Hanafee are seasoned architects with experience building and deploying reactive systems in production.