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Fernando Doglio, Reactive Programming with Node.js , 10.1007/978-1-4842-2152-5_2

2. Being Reactive

Fernando Doglio

(1)Block 1B, Apto 204, La Paz, Uruguay

Now that I’ve established what reactive programming (RP) is, and why you would want to use it, the next logical step would be to start thinking about adjusting your mindset in order to properly use it. Since I’m dealing with a new paradigm here, you can’t just tackle this problem with an OOP mindset, or a functional mindset and solve it in a reactive kind of way, you need to start thinking reactively.

So, in this chapter I will do just that: I’ll basically try to show you how to think in a reactive way. And to accomplish that, I will:

  • Show you some problem solving techniques ...

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