Chapter 9. Types of Technical Documents

Many different types of technical documents exist. These documents can range from a single-chapter manual, such as a white paper or simple installation guide, to a highly technical user’s guide or training manual. Documents can also be part of a documentation set that contains several documents.

This chapter discusses the following topics:

  • “What Is a Documentation Set?” on page 169

  • “Documentation Plans” on page 170

  • “Abstracts” on page 172

  • “Structure of Manuals” on page 172

  • “Descriptions of the Manual Parts” on page 174

  • “Types of Hardware Manuals” on page 178

  • “Types of Software Manuals” on page 180

  • “Other Product Documents” on page 181

  • “Training Documents” on page 184

What Is a Documentation Set?

A documentation set ...

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