The editors would like to thank Cristina Ciro for her help in preparing the bibliography and index, and Robert Balzer, David R. Barstow, Daniel Bobrow, Martin Feather, Susan Gerhart, Cordell Green, Sol Greenspan, Elaine Kant, Jack Mostow, Beau Sheil, Elliot Soloway, and Richard Waldinger for their comments on chapter selections.

The editors would also like to thank the publishers and authors for permission to reprint copyrighted material in this volume:

Figure 1 (of the introduction) is reprinted from CACM 1(4), 1958, p. 8. Courtesy of the Association for Computing Machinery, Inc.

Zohar Manna and Richard Waldinger, “A Deductive Approach to Program Synthesis,” ACM Trans. on Prog. Lang. and Sys. 2(1), 1980, 90–121. Copyright © ...

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