Very few people are capable of starting businesses. And fewer still ever get their businesses to the third level, where revenues reach $50 million. Anyone who has done that deserves a great deal of credit. Statistically speaking, they are in the top one-one-hundredth of the top one-one-hundredth of the world's population.

So, congratulations. You have achieved the entrepreneurial dream.

If you have developed your business according to the principles outlined in this book, it is highly likely that it will continue to grow to its natural potential. It may grow quickly for a while—perhaps doubling annual revenues to $100 million and then to $200 million and even to $400 million. But by that time, the natural forces of the universe will slow it down.

You have become a very big small business. Actually, a small big business. You will no longer be featured in Inc. magazine. Forbes and Fortune will be covering you.

This is a great stage. I hope you fully enjoy it.

Because of the nature of this final transition, you will have opportunities that you never had before. There are three in particular I'd like to talk about:

  1. Selling your business privately.

  2. Bringing it ...

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