Subject Index

Note: Page numbers followed by “f”, “t” and “c” indicate figures, tables and case studies respectively


Accelerated deployment, policy actions for, xiii–xv
changes, need for, xvi–xvii
current trends, xvii–xviii
energy investment, new priorities, xiii–xix
policy makers, role in, xivc
Accelerated depreciation, 75
India’s experience in, 84–85
ACES scenario
electricity sector in, 41–42
IEA-RETD, 40–41
overview, 32t–33t
“Achieving Climate and Energy Security” (ACES), 29
ACTION Star, iii–xiv, iiic
ACTION Star recommendations, xxv
overarching guidelines, xxv–xxvi
Adverse and unsustainable impacts, addressing of, 56–57
Alliance building, to lead paradigm change, xxvi
American Wind Energy ...

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