Building-block 1 – cohesion
and commitment
Every team needs cohesion and commitment to get them moving in the
right direction. Without cohesion, a team lacks purpose and often ends up
being a team in name only, comprised in reality of sub-groups or cliques.
In order to get cohesion between the different individuals in your team,
you will need to define a clear vision and common goals that have real
meaning for them. Describing the purpose as being ‘to make more money
for the company’ is unlikely to have any inspirational value for your team.
You will therefore have to bring it
down a notch to make it relevant
and the challenge will be to identify
factors that resonate with them.
As leader, you will need to develop your own vision for your team because
that will give you a clearer picture of what you are hoping to achieve with
them. Then you must communicate this in various ways and, where appro-
priate, involve the team members in defining the overall common purpose.
Some people are fearful or embarrassed by such terms as ‘vision’ as they
seem corny or indeed jargony. They might also seem too lofty an idea for
you as a first-time leader. Yes, the concept of vision can be, and indeed has
been oversold and underdelivered, but
that doesn’t mean the idea is wrong.
Having a clear vision for your team is
hugely important and if you are not
comfortable with this word, don’t use
it, but do take the principles on board.
To be effective as a unit, you will also need all team members to be com-
mitted to the organisation, the team and the agreed common goals. Of
course, you cannot force people to be committed, and there are elements
Every team needs
cohesion and commitment.
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