Reflect upon
Working with teams is what makes the leader’s role so interesting. It is also
what makes it so challenging. In relation to the teambuilding issues covered
here, watch and learn from good and bad practice in action every day in your
organisation. This will help you to prepare for leadership. As you do so, keep
the following key messages with you:
Successful teams do not just happen, they must be built and sustained.
A combination of eight building-blocks must be considered.
Teams are not static, they shift between different states of
People at work are more likely to be motivated when communication is
open and regular, when they feel valued, and when their achievements
are recognised and appreciated.
Motivating your team at work is primarily about creating a ‘total
environment’ which contains as many common motivators as possible.
You must also get to know your team as individuals so that you can
identify their personal motivators.
Conflict is a reality in any group or team. Although dealing with conflict
may be difficult, you must take proactive steps to address it. Ignoring
destructive conflict is a bad idea.
Change is an important feature of leadership and you should promote
change, when it is for the best and not just for the sake of it.
Each change situation has to be handled differently and the amount of
control you have over the change will determine how you deal with it.
As a general rule, try to involve your team in decision-making around
change and when you cannot do this, at least be willing to address
their areas of concern as best you can.
Do not allow repetitive and unacceptable behaviour by individuals
within the team to go unchallenged.
In Part 5 we will shift the focus to summarising what you have learned
about yourself so far and translating that into concrete action to help you to
get ready to lead.
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