Setting Personal Goals
Are you ready to lead?
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‘Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself.
When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.’
Jack Welch
Former Chairman and CEO of General Electric
The previous chapters have given you plenty of food for thought about
your current potential to lead and don’t be alarmed if you feel you have
many gaps to bridge. This is not unusual and just be thankful that you have
identified your areas for improvement at an early stage. Many don’t, until
it’s too late. Others fool themselves into thinking they are further ahead
than they really are. A long list simply means you have made a detailed and
honest evaluation of yourself.
If you want to be truly ready to lead, then you must grow and develop in
preparation, by addressing the areas for improvement that relate to how
you think and act as a leader. This is a learning process that will take time
and you must start by setting personal goals to focus your efforts.
In Part 5 you will find answers to important questions such as:
How can I set personal goals?
What personal improvement goals do I need?
To guide you, five personal goals are also defined which represent the
common development needs of those seeking to make the step up into
READ_C09.QXP 1/10/07 12:05 Page 108

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