Interprocess Communication Primitives in POSIX/Linux



7.1 Threads and Processes

7.1.1 Creating Threads

7.1.2 Creating Processes

7.2 Interprocess Communication among Threads

7.2.1 Mutexes and Condition Variables

7.3 Interprocess Communication among Processes

7.3.1 Semaphores

7.3.2 MessageQueues

7.3.3 Signals

7.4 Clocks and Timers

7.5 Threads or Processes?

7.6 Summary

Chapters 5 and 6 have introduced the basic concepts of interprocess communication, called IPC in the following text. These mechanisms are implemented by operating systems to allow the correct execution of processes. Different operating systems define different IPC interfaces, often making the porting of applications to different platforms a hard task (Chapter 19 ...

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