Real World Camera Raw with Adobe Photoshop CS2
Beyond Camera Raw
Camera Raw has evolved into a powerful tool for tweaking and processing
raw images, individually or in groups. But if you’ve just returned from a
day’s shoot with 700 images, Camera Raw really isnt the place to start. In
this chapter, I’ve focused on the kinds of detailed edits you typically want
to make to your selects, but even if youre the world’s greatest photogra-
pher, it’s unlikely that every image from a shoot will deserve this kind of
Moreover, editing the pixel data is only part of the job. Before I open
a single image from a shoot, I add metadata. At minimum, I’ll add my
copyright notice and a few select keywords. Then I go about the business
of sorting the wheat from the chaff, and only after I’ve accomplished these
tasks do I start optimizing images. So in the next chapter, we’ll look at
another key component of the workfl ow, Bridge.

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