Real World Camera Raw with Adobe Photoshop CS2
Launching Bridge
When I work on single-monitor systems, I usually keep Bridge hidden
unless I’m actually using it. On dual-monitor systems, I keep Bridge open
on the second monitor all the time.
The simplest way to launch Bridge is to do so the way you launch any
other application on your platform of choice. However, you have the fol-
lowing additional options as shown in Figure 6-1:
Choose Browse from Photoshops File menu.
Click the Go to Bridge button in the Options bar (it’s the icon that looks
like a magnifying glass over an open folder).
Check Automatically Launch Bridge in Photoshops Preferences>
General tab—that way, whenever you launch Photoshop, Bridge
automatically launches too.
Figure 6-1
Launching Bridge
Browse from
the File
Click the File Browser icon in the
Options bar.
Launch Photoshop with the Automatically Launch Bridge”
Preference checked.

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