We wish to thank Manning Publications and everyone there who contributed to the development and production of the book, in particular Susanna Kline, for her patient and consistent guidance throughout the writing process.

Our thanks to Beau Cronin, for writing the foreword. Thanks also to Valentin Crettaz, who gave all chapters a thorough technical proofread. Many other reviewers provided us with helpful feedback along the way: Alain Couniot, Alessandrini Alfredo, Alex Iverson, Arthur Zubarev, David H. Clements, Dean Iverson, Jacob Quant, Jan Goyvaerts, Kostas Passadis, Leif Singer, Louis Luangkesorn, Massimo Ilario, Michael Lund, Moran Koren, Pablo Domínguez Vaselli, Patrick Toohey, Ravishankar Rajagopalan, Ray Lugo, Ray Morehead, ...

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