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Real-World Project Management: Practical Ways to Apply PMBOK Concepts

Book Description

Sometimes you just need the truth. That is especially true in project management. Fictionalized, perfect-world project management advice doesn't work in the real world. In this concise guide, leading project management consultant and author Joseph Phillips (PMP, Project+, CTT+) provides you with the whole project management picture in plain langauge.  Phillips tells you the way it is, how it is, and how it will probably work in your environment, sharing with you the most practical approach based on his consulting gigs and years and years of experience as a project manager, consultant, and business writer.

There's no right way to manage a project, but there are plenty of wrong ways. This eBook will show you how to take what's working and keep doing it and then to take what's not working and fix it, live with it, or just forget it.