Chapter 21. Finding Answers to Your SharePoint 2010 Questions

By Mike Walsh

This is the final chapter in what has hopefully been a very interesting and useful book. My 21 MVP colleagues each have written about a SharePoint 2010 subject close to their hearts. But what if they didn't cover something you need to know more about, or what if you want more than a single chapter can give you?

This chapter will help you to find additional resources to supplement what you have read in this book. It will also help you as you continually track Microsoft developments, and point you to other articles and documents that may help you with your SharePoint experience. This chapter also provides hints on how to search for solutions and post questions to forums.


By buying this book, you have already shown yourself to be someone who uses technical books to improve your knowledge. So, the natural first choice when seeking additional information is to look for some more books. Assuming that your local bookstore doesn't have a complete set of SharePoint 2010 books, you'll no doubt be heading off to an Internet bookseller like Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

Amazon probably has the largest selection of books, so a natural choice would be to head for the largest Amazon site, which is the U.S. one, and enter "SharePoint" (or "SharePoint 2010") as the search criteria for the Books section.

That approach has several snags:

  • Too many books are listed — The search will first list books that have "SharePoint" ...

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