9.3. Round-Triping DataSets

Now that you know how to create typed DataSets, let's look at a Web service and a Windows Forms client that use typed DataSets to send data back and forth over the Internet. Listing 9.7 shows a Web method called SaveCustomerOrdersTypedDataSet that receives a DataSet, uses it to update the Customers and Orders tables, and returns the refreshed DataSet. This method complements the GetCustomerOrdersTypedDataSet method in Listing 9.4.

Listing 9.7. A method to save changes to the database (VBWSBook\Chapter9\CustomerOrders.asmx)
 <WebMethod()> _ Public Function SaveCustomerOrdersTypedDataSet( _ ByVal ds As CustomerOrdersDataSet) _ As CustomerOrdersDataSet Dim Sql1 As String = _ "SELECT CustomerID, CompanyName FROM Customers" ...

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